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About Playgroups

Playgroups with us give your dog social experience with a pack of well balanced and trained dogs they see weekly, as well as a reserved boarding space anytime you call. 

Home pickup happens from 7:30 am to 11:00 am and is only for residents of Underhill, Jericho, and Essex as well as parts of Essex Junction, Williston, Cambridge, Westford, and Richmond.

Overnight boarding socials are offered for residents of towns outside of this radius.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

7:30 AM and 6:00 PM.



Playgroups is available for fully social dogs and flexible clientele. The purpose is to give your dog a second home to come to in preparation for boarding, practice safely socializing and learn boundaries that are expected in a dog yard and a home.

On Boarding

If your dog is not fully able to join a playgroup right away, it will come out in the trial interview. Certain levels of anxiety and aggression will not be appropriate at my home. In the event of this, I can offer a one hour or half day meeting with and without my dog, to determine need for training and connect you to one of my training partners. Or, set up multiple trials over a 3 month period to rehab your dog into a communal environment. This will be decided upon together.


Referrals available! My services envelope a small pack of 8 to 12 dogs at all times, so a focused training outside of basic manners and boundaries will need to be done elsewhere.


5 Hours | Year round

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

$60 per day

An automatic boarding spot is reserved whenever needed when you sign up for this year-round service.

Or TEXT 508-254-0383 to get started!
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