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Have questions about our dog playgroups and boarding services? Here are our most common questions. If you need more help, please contact us.

  • What should I bring to an overnight stay?
    You could bring a bed that smells like home but I have beds. Food and medication is a must. I need emergency numbers and amount of food given.
  • Do you require vaccine records?
    I do not formally track vaccine status, as I am not a kennel. People that use my services have always taken care of their animals, so I base this on trust.
  • Do you require all dogs to be fixed?
    Dogs over 10 months of age are required to be fixed. Dogs under 10 months of age do not need to be fixed. But, if they exhibit behaviors like barking, jumping, running, bleeding and humping you will be notified and asked to break from my services until a fix takes place. No amount of training will solve for instinctual behaviors.
  • How often and what time do dogs eat?
    I feed upon waking between 5 to 6 AM and then again when convenient as a group between 4 to 9 PM. If a dog requires meals outside of this, they will need to be a puppy less than a year old, need medication with another meal, or some other vet designated need. Outside of these things, there will be an up charge for special needs.
  • What is your care and transportation service radius?
    Transportation services are inclusive for homes within one hour of our property. Homes more than 20 minutes away may incur extra transport fees and more limited intake times. Drop off and pick up at our home is possible only if our availability happens to meet your needs. Transportation offers more flexibility for both of us and keeps our property quiet. We have an unlimited service radius, if you are willing to drop off and pick up your dog at our exact times. Playgroup runs for only the towns mentioned in the playgroup section, as it's a 5 hour service requiring transportation through us. Unlimited service radius for boarding.
  • Do you offer discounts of any kind?
    No discounts are offered. I am a premium service with limited space and time.
  • How many dogs do you have at one time?
    Overnight boarding caps at 8 to 12. I also run playgroup services Mon, Tues, and Thurs so numbers swell a bit there for 5 hours.
  • How does my dog sleep?
    My dogs sleep communally in a dog bedroom off the mudroom of my house, inside my retrofitted oversized garage with a heat pump which converts air to AC. I have 2 other rooms to divide the pack into cohesive smaller groups to help everyone settle. Bedtime is generally 9 PM.
  • What is your booking, payment, cancellation and refund policy?
    My policy has always been to remain flexible about full refunds up until I am actually driving to your home. Animals are unpredictable and so are plans. If part of a service has been performed, I will refund the remainder. During peak periods, as with holidays and school vacation weeks, I have a no refund policy since the space could have been given to someone else. However, if you are a member of year round playgroup services and have an automatic boarding spot, you will always have a full refund. I book mostly through text format to have everything in writing, to refer back to and to prevent confusion. I expect payment when the bill is received so I can save time for your needs. My preferred payment is VENMO but I also accept Zelle Checks made out to Andreas Animal Care LLC and cash.

Still have Questions?

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