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About Boarding

Dogs that come to board come to live our lives with us. They are part of the family. Dog families I bring into our home are life long relationships built on trust and time.

Whether you work outside or inside the home, travel for work or pleasure or just need a break, our home is a home away from home where dogs develop familiar relationship with myself, Cody our manager dog, my sons Mark and Kevin and neighborhood dogs they may have seen at play groups or during the last visit.

90% of the boarding dogs I have been working with have come regularly for years. 10% come from families just joining our home. The screening and trial process is spaced out. In this way, I can maintain safety and familiarity, while still serving a larger community.




Full service pick up and drop off at your home is included*.

We work with you to schedule a 2 hour window for pickup and drop off to make your experience easy and stress free.

*Transportation is included within 20 minutes of our property in Underhill. Services outside this radius will have additional fees apply.



Daycare is available for fully social dogs and flexible clientele. The purpose is to give your dog a second home to come to in preparation for boarding, practice safely socializing and learn boundaries that are expected in a dog yard and a home.


Half Day Tues, Thurs and Friday

(5-6 hours) $40

Full Day (over 6 hours between the

hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.) $50

On Boarding

If your dog is not fully able to join daycare right away, it will come out in the trial interview. Certain levels of anxiety and aggression will not be appropriate at my home. In the event of this, I can offer a one hour or half day meeting with and without my dog, to determine need for training and connect you to one of my training partners. Or, set up multiple trials over a 3 month period to rehab your dog into a communal environment. This will be decided upon together.


Referrals available! My services envelope a small pack of 8 to 12 dogs at all times, so a focused training outside of basic manners and boundaries will need to be done elsewhere.

Or TEXT 508-254-0383 to get started!



Dogs come and go frequently and no day is ever the same. However, there are standard expectations, basic manners and training I instill the moment they arrive. All dogs are expected to be quiet, be gentle and listen well. Time outs from the yard are used with a firm no, to train out barking and jumping.


Dogs are grouped by energy, not age or sex, with a mental note made as to the natural disposition of alpha, omega or beta.

I have 6 areas to use to socialize and exercise and where they communally sleep on our 5 acre property. A large 6 ft dog fence dug 1 ft underground to prevent escape, an indoor/outdoor run in room with option to heat and AC for extra sleeping room, a dog bedroom/small dog playroom/sleeping area, a mudroom to house the old, weak, small or timid closest to the home area, the house itself with access to a futon and lastly a 5 acre pasture trail on a dead end dirt road.


Feeding happens individually with each dog coming into a room alone, after their name has been called. That happens at 6 AM wake and again when convenient as a group in the evening.


Boarding is charged in blocks of time:

Sleepover (9PM to 6AM) $18

6 AM to 9 AM  $18

9 AM to 4 PM  $18

4 PM to 9 PM  $18

Full service pick up and drop off at your home is included.

We work with you to schedule a 2 hour window for pickup and drop off to make your experience easy and stress free.

Or TEXT 508-254-0383 to get started
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